The Purpose of the Band

The Eltham Concert Band is a not for profit organisation with the twin purposes of providing an avenue for members to engage in the performance of music, whilst also providing a community entertainment resource within and beyond the Shire of Nillumbik.

Through regular rehearsals and performances, the goal of the Band is to assist all members in the understanding and performing of a wide range of musical styles, and in the requirements for performing as part of an ensemble. To this end, the Band will engage a suitably qualified Musical Director (MD) to ensure that these goals can be achieved.

The Band also supports the community by performing regularly at community events, and at retirement villages and similar institutions.

In combining these twin purposes, the Band provides an outlet for non-professional musicians to continue their love of music by rehearsing and then performing at various events in and beyond the shire of Nillumbik.

Requirements for Members

The Band does not have a formal auditioning process, and attempts to be accessible for new members. Potential new members are invited to attend a rehearsal (or two) to see if they fit with the Band and the Band fits with them. So as not to disrupt final concert preparations, new members are requested to come to a trial rehearsal that is not immediately before a performance. To find a suitable date, please contact a committee member.

As a group, ECB aspires to perform at the highest standard capable of the ensemble and to keep on improving. The MD is responsible for structuring and implementing appropriate rehearsals to this end. Individual members are responsible for regular rehearsal attendance and individual practice. Prior to a performance, the aim is for all members to know their parts to the best of their ability, and to know where their part fits within the ensemble.

Prior to a performance the MD will consider the overall balance and sound of the ensemble and will subsequently use his/her discretion as to whether or not a player may participate at the performance. An individual’s lack of participation at rehearsals and/or lack of improvement due to non-compliance with home practice, as well contribution to the overall sound of the ensemble, will be amongst the considerations given to the decision.

Members are requested to notify the MD if they are to be absent from rehearsals. This may be done on-line.

Additionally, the MD is responsible for the composition of the ensemble and will ensure its balanced composition within the limits of instruments and players available. Ultimately the MD will decide instrumentation and players, and members are asked to abide by his/her decisions.

Rehearsal Etiquette

In order to maximise rehearsal time, punctuality is essential. Please notify MD if you know you will be late to rehearsal (work commitments etc). The preferred method of notification is via the on-line form. Players are requested to arrive 15 minutes early in order to be in their chairs with their instrument “warmed up” and ready, at the commencement of rehearsal.

To minimise disruption to rehearsals, late comers are requested to warm up their instrument externally to the rehearsal space, and then take their position quickly and quietly at a suitable break in the rehearsal.

Additionally, in order to maximise the benefit of rehearsals it is expected that members will be attentive and responsive to the MDs directions at all times.

Assistance from members in setting up and dismantling the rehearsal space, before and after rehearsal is greatly appreciated.


In general, members of the Band are required to provide their own instruments. Percussion instruments are provided (and stay at the Hall), and there are a limited number of larger instruments (A Tuba, two Euphoniums, a Baritone Sax and a Bass Clarinet) which may be loaned to members while they are actively playing in the Band. These instruments are entrusted to the member (after completing the necessary loan form) and can then be used for private practice (and for playing with other groups).


Members of the Band pay an annual subscription of $175 ($90 students or concession). This is adjusted on a pro rata basis for those joining later in the year.