Concerts and Other events

Eltham Concert Band Concerts

We have one more concert date at the Eltham Community and Reception Centre. This is on October 16th, and ticket sales are now open. To book tickets, click on the flyer at the bottom of the page.

We have also set two concert dates for 2023:

  • Sunday 21st May
  • Sunday 15th October

For our concert on the 16th, our Music Director Stephen Deakes has chosen an interesting selection of music that we hope you will enjoy. The band has certainly enjoyed getting to know them so that we can bring you the best rendition we possibly can:

  • We have a Ukrainian Folk Song piece. It was chosen because of current events, but it is also a wonderful piece with a different set of sounds.
  • We have "March of the Resistance" from the Star Wars films. John Williams music is always enjoyable.
  • We have some atmospheric music depicting the progress of a day (Dawn to Dusk) and the southern Lights (Aurora Australis)
  • We have several more, ending with "Riverdance". Was dancing with your arms firmly pinned to your side designed with a view to social distancing ?

The format of the concert is the same as usual. No interval, followed by refreshments where you can chat to the band and tell us which pieces you liked and which you were less happy about.